in comprehensive projects


When talking about Marketing and Communication, the comprehensive project represents the most complex action for an agency and the safest bet for clients, because it guarantees the same level of quality and guarantees that the same message remains unaltered in all formats. For this purpose, the agency needs to have its own resources with experts in all facets of advertising and communication. This begins with the first creative agent and continues with a wide array of professionals: graphic designers, sound and image technicians, journalists, architects, interior designers, experts in administrative management,

organization of events and logistics, etc. This is the only way of keeping the corporate identity of Conceptworks’ clients intact, and then passing it on to public opinion or the company’s own network of clients and suppliers. In short, it means that Conceptworks’ clients have a single point of reference when it comes to resolving everything related to their brand, internal and external image and their market actions. It is about a single, first hand supplier, so that you can devote yourself to what you know best: your product and your business.

Architecture and
Interior Design Division

This department is headed by an architect and interior designer, who are responsible for managing projects devised by the Conceptworks creative department. Our agency works with a team of professionals specialised in state-of-the-art works and new building techniques, which facilitates the implementation of projects that pose a certain creative challenge, in architectural projects (hotels, homes, offices) and ephemeral projects (stands for fairs, works for events, etc.) which require carpentry experts. The heads of this Division supervise the entire construction process, delivery and in-situ maintenance of the stands, as this is the only way of preserving the high quality of the Conceptworks projects. The team of operators carrying out our projects for fairs


usually work in window dressing and furnishings for some of the leading fashion and accessory brands worldwide (Carolina Herrera, Adolfo Domínguez...).

‘Turnkey’ delivery in any part
of the world. Concept Guarantee.

In practice, ‘turnkey’ delivery means that the client may ask for what it wants in any part of the world. After designing and building the stand, Conceptworks staff transport and install it at any show on this planet. The whole process is supervised by our technicians at the show. If you wish, our agency will take charge of the entire process, from renting the floor space to the paperwork with the show’s organisers, hiring of hostesses or catering services.

For established Concept clients, for whom we provide all aspects of Marketing, we offer catalogues, advertising billboards and specific leaflets with the same identifying marks as the show, as well as presentations and campaigns in the media, promotional videos or impressive viral actions to grab the attention of visitors to the show.

Advantages of hiring the Architecture and Interior Design Division

  • -Brand Design. Behind our department lies the state-of-the-art and personal Conceptworks design and creativity for the client.
  • -A single supplier of diverse services: design, implementation, supervision of works, paperwork and organisation at the fair, support with marketing campaigns, advertising material, communication actions. Product Traceability.
  • -Globalisation Support. Our team accompanies you to fairs in any part of the world, including all organisation.