With Clear Ideas

Marketing Ideas Studio

  • You don’t trust
    advertising... (no Ideas)

    Advertising is sometimes mistaken as being merely aesthetic and superficial. Don’t trust in things that don’t tell you anything else.
  • Trust Ideas (cuando generan

    Beyond the aesthetic values, trust the previous idea, the thought that leads to an Advertising action.
  • Think (just for a Moment)

    Spend some time searching for ideas for your company and products. Talk to professionals.
  • And stop thinking (for a long time)

    If you have opted for Conceptworks, you now have a Marketing Department. Stop thinking about Advertising and concentrate your efforts on improving your company and products. We will tell the world.

And if your company
were mine

Like you, I also have a company. One day I also had an entrepreneurial idea and founded a brand with products that need to reach their target public and sell well. Like your company, it is a question of making money from our work. Allow me to be slightly self-critical if I say that advertising agents have, at times, committed a major error: we have thought of ourselves as builders of dreams and have forgotten the most important thing: we are companies that have to make, above all, our clients earn more money.

We are clear about this. One day, we realised that our clients’ company is our own company, our own business. From that day on – the day on which we decided to stop seeing ourselves as a supplier and act as your Marketing Department- we have been more effective with our ideas.

Marketing does not need to be flashy or pompous; nor does it necessarily need to be

beautiful. It must work and that’s all. Like your company and mine. On the following pages, we will explain which formats we use in our Marketing actions but I advise you not to be seduced by them. They are merely props, like the frame for a canvas or a finger wrapped in sapphires. What is important, our greatest investment, is the previous idea, the creation, the message. It is the canvas and the ring. However, these are the best ‘frames’ and ‘fingers’ in the Advertising world.

We are waiting for you

Juanfe López,
Creative Director at Conceptworks
Juanfe López

How we work

Basic creation of the brand or
Marketing action.


What can we do with this idea
once it has been defined?
  • Conventional Methods

    • Logos and Brand Creation
    • Corporate Stationery
    • Billboards
    • Corporate Promotional Material
  • Media Communication

    • Publications (internal and external)
    • Speech drafting and Communication Consultancy (company image in the media)
    • Media Relations and Press Campaigns
  • Conventional Actions

    • Advertisements in the press, radio and television
    • Exterior
    • Internet Advertising
  • Multimedia

    • Website Design and Programming
  • Sound
    and Image

    • Corporate video, advertisement, advertorials, etc.
  • Unconventional
    Marketing Actions

    • Product Presentations
    • Organisation of corporate events and parties
    • Corporate performances with actors
    • Acts at shows and fairs
  • Architecture and Interior Design

    • Design of corporate buildings and offices
    • Interior Design
    • Designer stands at shows and fairs
    • Fashion Design